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The Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

eco-house-2_JGrBp_69You’ll usually see them on the most stylish homes in your neighbourhood and they look as great as you could expect, but what are the real benefits of outdoor blinds and shades? Sometimes a property or premises could really benefit from indoor blinds because their accessibility is better suited to the people within the location, but that doesn’t make outdoor blinds any less effective.

One of the biggest benefits of installing your blinds or shades outdoors is that they don’t take up any space internally. We’ve all been there when indoor blinds get in the way or suffer damage because they are simply in the way of a seat or walking area. Being installed indoors means that you’ll lose some of the space and functionality of the window that they are covering and this can be a huge nuisance if you only have the option to open and close your blinds horizontally.

By installing your blinds outdoors, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Not only will your blinds block the harsh rays of the sun in much the same way as indoor blinds; you will also have plenty more room to move around, as well as having a greater amount of access to your windows and frames for cleaning and opening/ closing.

Another great benefit of outdoors blinds is that they are often very heavy duty and are able to withstand even the most intensive weather conditions. Compare that to their indoor equivalents who can sometimes expand, contract, split and twist as they are used, and you have a pretty durable set of blinds that will be suitable for use all year round. Another benefit is that where traditional indoor blinds are made of softer materials to keep them light weight, outdoor blinds are usually made of attractive PVC or reinforced materials to guarantee that they stay effective throughout the year.

If you’re interested in having your own set of outdoor blinds installed, then why not get in touch with Avanti Blinds at today for a quote? They’ll be able to evaluate your location and advise you on the best types of blinds or shades to suit your requirements perfectly. They’ll even go as far as to custom design your blinds and once you’re entirely satisfied with their appearance, they’ll transport the materials to your location or property and then install and fit them for you.

So for a professional service that you can rely on to take care of all of your blind fitting needs, simply visit today and one of their friendly advisors will be more than happy to help you with any and all of your enquiries. More at

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